Dylan heel flipping a block from his house.
09.01.13 /12:09/ 1
Copies of 
“Is This All There Is?” 
are now for sale at:
08.30.13 /16:04/ 1
Dinner with these lovelies.
@badpuppa @drdinokills  (at Robata JINYA)
08.27.13 /23:23/ 1
Todays @latermag cover shoot location.  (at Dana Point Pier)
08.27.13 /12:34/ 1

This whole @asphaltyachtclub has @ben_nordberg wanting drugs.

Not as cute without blue hair but still do-able.
08.25.13 /00:14
Just got back from a 2 day tour up to Chico and back.
10hr drives listening to Kerouac audio books. Scene from the road.
08.23.13 /20:02/ 3
So long to another magazine. @skateboarder_magazine is no more. 
Its getting cold out there.
08.20.13 /03:35
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